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tv   [untitled]    February 22, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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th >> we also have the chief of police and the director of the office of complaints. >> this is a regular meeting of
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the san francisco police commission. we have an lot of matters, primarily missing the matters. please call item number 1. >> the public is welcome to address the commission into tonight's agenda and within the jurisdiction of the commission. oduring public comment, either police or the personnel or the commissioners are required to respond to questions by the public.
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the time limit is three minutes per person. >> good evening. i have been a resident of the county and city of san francisco for 40 years. i am here to speak about one item. i have a budget also on the line. you can speak about police officers pay. this is a growing problem on the budget, not even in the city and county of san francisco but of course the state of california. i did not have benefits on this
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county and on this city to take care of cellulitis. i picked up an application for a federal police officers supplication at the va center and i will submit this copy to you to show that federal police officers have paid 20% less than san francisco police officers for the same job at the same qualifications. as you look for a new police chief, part of the problem is that you have submitted the applications because every police chief including -- is coming here to get a paycheck. and he has taken $500,000 with him for 17 months of work. you have to start looking at that in light of the budget whole. when the biggest problems is that the police officers association pushing the 10%
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compound increases in pensions and salaries in this county that are impossible to meet in the next several years. i believe that you read a couple of days ago that it was caught with how police chiefs are leaving with half a million dollars and taking other jobs by cutting back pay. this is unconscionable with a commission of this nature. this is not stop of a repeat of the county of san francisco. this is sickening compared with other work skills. i am leaving you with copies.
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>> my name is mr. harrison. i was here and january 19th in regards to my brother who was murdered in the tenderloin district on january 2nd. as of this date, no one has been picked up or question in
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regards to my brother's murder. it is my understanding that there is video surveillance of the incident that took place and even with that information, still no one has been called to question as to what transpired in my brother's murder. in my family, we believe that this is a process that has taken a long time. people seem to get more aggressive with police action when it comes to the committee. -- when it comes to police action.
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we would like to be continually updated on what has transpired. there are a few other weeks in which we don't get any calls. we keep coming down here and meeting with you all every wednesday until we see something moving forward with regards to my brother's death. that is all i have to say. if anyone has any questions or answers, please bring them forth. thank you. >> i have passed on the concerns to the chief.
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next beaker. -- next speakers. >> -- took a $60,000 paid drop so the embellishment on numbers is very disturbing. and thank you. >> public comment is closed. >> the tenderloin station, their borders are set on 0 farrell street.
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we were looking at suspicious activity, and there is the impediment to their ability to do enforcement and to deal with the issues. i am being very general. what i would like to ask if this could somehow change, maybe patrols could extend over the jurisdictional lines by two blocks. i lived in an area where there is a lot of the hon. residence
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hall. i support of the police. not everyone has been trained in that. i think that the police are doing a good job. i wanted to make a comment. thank you for your time. >> with that, public comment is closed. please call item number 2. >> this is a status report on the preparation of the budget. possible action to provide instruction to the department or
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take other action. >> i am the financial officer for the police department. my presentation starts by saying that nothing has changed since the last time that we met and i have presented a handout for you, something you have seen in the past years. this is a snapshot of the proposed budget in the format that the -- will take once the budget is finalized. you have that at your desk right now gives you the most updated version possible. >> while the grants have not yet been finalized in the budget system, we are looking at about
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$2.5 million worth of grants next year. don't worry, we will be getting some grants. i am very hopeful that is about two and half million dollars. one of the other major changes is the decrease revenue from the traffic fund and this is due to a change in the activities of the past year that for budgeting purposes as far as we can tell that will continue as they have the last few months.
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we have seen a little bit of good news here. it looks like an extra $300,000 or so that we can feel comfortable putting into our budget in terms of asset forfeiture. those are the changes that i want to highlight. i wanted to review the cut that have been requested by the mayor's office. you might hear sometimes that there is talk at about 2 and 1/2% and 7.5%. 2.8% is equivalent to the 2.5%
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that you might have heard in previous discussions. the bulk will cut from not refilling retirements. that is the other figure there. >> what does that mean? >> as police officers retire, we will not be replacing them. >> thanks. >> the next line which is a million dollars in increased revenue. we have taken over permitting for the garages from the fire department. it looks like we will get a million dollars from it.
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if we have to do with this contingency, it will come from layoffs. >> when i hear you saying that there is no budget for planned academy classes. is there any plan to deal with the anticipated 25% cut with all of the retirements? if it's any plans in terms of trying to restore? -- and are there any plans in
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terms of trying to restore? >> at any point, we are trying to hire new officers. >> a moment ago, you said if you cannot meet the outstanding amount of that needs to be made, then you need to talk about layoffs. when will you know if you can make that 11 -- >> we will know before july 1st.
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the contingency will be determined within the next four months. >> the department is required to come up with the next 10% contingency. if you can give me a ballpark figure on how many layoffs we are talking about. >> if this is the full of 1.3 million based on the salary that we are looking at today plus the grant-london classes, we are looking at about 185 officers. >> how many are we losing to retirement? >> so far, i believe it is january 21st. we have 49 separations. >> how many last year, the know?
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>> 123. >> have they been replaced? >> no. >> we do have to be hiring grants for the positions. that is the hiring we have been able to do last year and this year. i should say, this current year. >> that is not counting the 14 proposals for april. the grant will pay for the first three years salary. >> will have to let those go as
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well? is there any type of training. >> do you have an idea of this includes any new type of training or is this is just ongoing? >> this is ongoing.
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>> i can take a look and a couple of minutes. >> what about the money for the tools of the trade. >> right now, they are about 5 million. >> will there be any money for the early intervention systems? >> there is money.
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>> do we have any money set aside for taster's or training for taster's? >> at the this point, there is no money for this. >> has their been any investigation into the costs? >> i've not seen any estimates yet. >> that's all i have.
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>> i was mindful of what we have to do this evening. go right ahead. >> i tend to get to the point. thank you for your work in this presentation. a couple of questions. the public knows where we are going in terms of reducing the officers. at the start of the current year we are in, that would be last july, how many swann officers did we have -- how many sworn officers did we have to deploy? >> i think that we had 1861. >> this is full duty. >> that is just about right. how many deployed full-time
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officers did we have? >> i can get it for you. >> can you tell me how many declined over the year? >> i would say roughly 45. >> under the proposed budget, at the end of the proposed budget, that would be june of 2012, what is the projected number of total sworn peace officers from 1861. what would we go to now? >> this is about 1745.
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>> maybe we can realign some of the boundaries and relocate some of the officers and some will be cut back. the budget as we have said --
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>> i am focusing on one line that is the s&p the academy which is the continually training professional classes. >> that mine is from an arrangement with city college's with money coming in and it is connected with the number of
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academy classes. we will not be getting the revenue from them. >> to follow up on what has been asking, what is identifying the training budget for the current year. >> do you have any idea at all
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in terms of the proposed budget? >> we have not proposed to change the travel in training at any way. >> are the crisis prevention teams included in that amount. this falls under the salaries category. if i was too hot cross it out, i would need the specific hours, the different ranks which would put into any specific training
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to have a full training cost. you want to put in a cost estimate for you. >> i am curious what the planning commissioner has said. cards we are planning on keeping the training. this is parceling out for training. this is not pakistan as such. >> a follow-up question. -- this is not as such. >> a follow-up question. we have the acquisition of the basics which is needed. this is uniforms, guns, some kind of other weapons. is there a line that identify is that? >>


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